June 14, 2024


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Batman Game Announcement Teased for Tomorrow

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WB Games Montreal is giving us another series of cryptic teases for their upcoming game, rumored to be a Batman story with the Court of Owls.

More Cryptic Teases Coming

WB Games Montreal is at it again with their teases for their new game – rumored to be a Court of Owls Batman story – with a new tease that makes it look like we will have some kind of announcement tomorrow.

Leading Us to A New Website

The new tease has led many fans to a website called r3dakt3d.com, which is currently featuring the words: “We have be3n expecting you 8/18”, followed by a 24-hour countdown clock. The timer is going to end on August 18th at 8 A.M. PST / 11 A.M. EST.

The initial tease that led everyone to this website was a tweet from WB Games Montreal that linked to a new account called r3dakt3d, which features a short video showing a computer interface, with occasional interference seeming to show three different images and logos.

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A Week’s Worth of Anticipation

The source code for the website shows an extended teaser campaign that is taking place over the course of the week, looking like it will end on Friday, August 21st. Much of the source code references radio codes, and one section implies that there will be one code to enter every 24 hours. There is also mention of a video connected to Day’s entry, indicating the possibility that a trailer will be unlocked once all codes have been entered.

Of the three emblems that are shown, one is definitely an owl, though a different owl than we have seen in previous teases. The others are much harder to make out what they could be as they are much fainter. The teases for this game have involved cryptic images in the past, with a shirt featuring the logo for the Court of Owls and a series of images that made up a larger image when put together. All of these also featured the word “redacted.”

What is the Court of Owls?

The Court of Owls is an organized crime group and secret society that has pulled the strings in Gotham since colonial times. They are known for kidnapping circus children and training them into assassins, called Talons. They are most commonly associated with Batman.

Hopefully, we will know more this week and at the DC FanDome event this weekend.

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