June 13, 2024


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EA Wants to Bring More Games to Nintendo Switch Consoles

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Despite not being the biggest supporter of the Switch early in its lifestyle, EA has now changed their tune. Stating that they would really like to see more of their games making a jump over to Nintendo Switch.

During EA’s quarterly earnings call, they outlined their plans for releasing fourteen games in 2020. Among these games were the usual releases like Madden, Fifa and the planned Burnout release. Much to callers surprise however was that of the plans for Nintendo Switch Games.

Though there is already a fair amount of controversy with the release for Burnout. Because honestly this wouldn’t be an EA article without mentioning controversy, right?

It’s an EA Article So Time for Some DRAMA

Burnout Paradise Remastered is planned for a release later in the year and is going to be included on Switch. However, while most other remasters like Modern Warfare 2 are only $20, Burnout is $50. 
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That’s right, a game that is over a decade old, is being released at nearly full original Retail value. Which is a little bit ridiculous, considering the remaster does not even have a lot of changes. 

Paradise is a very fondly remembered game, so it’ll still sell some copies. There is also a rumor that an HD version of Battlefield games could become available on the Switch in 2021. A listing for an undisclosed Battlefield HD game was found earlier in the year.

Considering that developers like CD Projekt Red were able to fit Witcher 3 on Switch, it would make sense. Might as well capitalize on the AAA Switch market while it is relatively niche and empty.

WE would personally love to see some more AAA titles on the Switch. An HD version of Star Wars Battlefront II or Battlefield 4? I would play that all day every day!


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