March 5, 2024


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Gamescom 2020 to Be Held Digitally

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After events like SXSW and E3 were cancelled for their respective launch dates, many were wondering what we would be getting in their place. Well, Gamescom 2020 will be held digitally, so that’s something to look forward to.

The news comes hot on the heels of the German Government putting all public events on hold until August 31st. This news led to an announcement by Gamescom that they’d be hosting the popular show digitally.

Gamescom is usually held in person during mid to late August, meaning that they have no choice but to comply with the rules until the bans lift. Previously, both fans and event holders were unsure of what they’d have to change or dedicate due to the restrictions. Now that the restrictions are crystal clear, event organizers have moved to a digital presence.

Details on how you’ll be able to watch the stream are a little sparse at the moment. Odds are, much like in the past, you can watch it along with your favorite media company or YouTuber/Twitch Personality.

Digital Events will most likely continue to be the norm around the world until that August time frame. While we’ve been making good progress on flattening the curve worldwide, we still have some progress to make. Time will tell what the end result will be for events like Gamescom.


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