June 21, 2024


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Unlike the game’s last season, which was delayed for the global Black Lives Matter movement, the newest season is starting right on time. Season 5 of Modern Warfare begins tomorrow, August, 5th, and is bringing with it a good amount of changes and updates, which you can read below:

Warzone Map Changes

  • The Stadium Opens: After 4 seasons closed, Verdansk Stadium has now opened up, featuring a cover-strewn football pitch, rows of seating, underground parking and multiple routes of entrance and exit.
  • Freight Train Added: A huge new train will now be circling the Southwestern part of the map at all times, allowing for an interesting new dynamic for squads, who could take it over and hold carriages while on the move.
  • Train Station Opens: To celebrate the addition of the train itself, the Verdansk Train Station is now also open, including a main ticket hall, platforms, and plenty of new indoor areas to explore.
  • Exterior Ascenders: Tall building roofs were previously only accessible by dropping form the air, or riding an elevator cable, making them relatively easily defensible. The new season complicates matters a bit, by adding exterior cables to multiple buildings, offering new points of access to take down snipers.

Warzone New Weapons, Weapons, and Customization

  • Mini Royale Mode: This is a fast-paced variant of the classic Warzone BR experience, lowering the number of players, and only including the first and last five minutes of the normal experience – essentially, it should be faster and bloodier.
  • New Weapon Pickups: Items in supply crates have been rotated once more, adding eight Common, 13 Uncommon, 15 Rare, 19 Epic, and 25 Legendary different variants to discover and equip.
  • Wartracks: A new customisation option, Wartracks are unlockable songs that can be attached to vehicles like paint jobs or horn noises, and will play for yourself and all passengers when you’re driving. Three Wartracks will be available on day one, and all will be instantly unlocked if you purchase the Battle Pass.

New Multiplayer Maps

  • Livestock (Gunfight Map): A rural compound with a central barn, this Gunfight map includes a large central area with multiple flank routes.
  • Petrov Oil Rig (6v6 Map): Split into five sections this oil rig map includes a lifeboat muster area, helicopter pad, bridge, cafeteria and rig drill. It’s designed for close to mid-range combat with small areas with sniper-friendly sightlines.
  • Suldal Harbor (6v6 Map): This port area is peppered with choke points ideal for snipers to watch, but multiple interior or cramped areas for close range attacks.
  • Verdansk International Airport (Ground War Map): Based on the Warzone area, the airport include a large indoor area, along with huge open runways and hangars.

New Multiplayer Missions and Modes

  • Bare Bones: A new playlist of TDM, Domination, HQ, Hardpoint and Kill Confirmed maps with a crucial twist – no killstreaks, field upgrades or perks.
  • Search and Destroy Double Down: A larger version of Search & Destroy – it’s 12v12, not 6v6.
  • New Mastery Challenges: For “the most elite players”, there are more than a dozen new challenges to max out your weaponry skills.

Battle Pass

  • Instant Unlocks: Buying the new Battle Pass will immediately earn you a new Operator, Lerch, the head of the new Shadow Company faction. You’ll also receive three Wartracks, the a Rodion Opeartor skin, and a 10% XP boost for the season.
  • New Weapons: At Tier 15, players will unlock the new ISO SMG, a close range, lightweight gun with rapid rate of fire. At Tier 31, you’ll unlock the AN-94 AR with a “hyperburst” feature that fires a full-auto volley, followed by a second round, without much recoil. Both of these are free to all players once the Tier level is reached.
  • New Unlocks: Other new Battle Pass unlocks include skins for multiple characters, the Nevermore finisher (where a raven kills your opponent), 15 new weapon blueprints, and a Compass watch.
  • Tier 100 Unlocks: Reaching the top Battle Pass tier will net you the Rook skin for Roze, the Veil vehicle skin, and The Company’s Might, an Assault Rifle Lima with negative tracer rounds.

A Big Download

As we’ve come to expect from this game, the download is a big one, around 50GB and will need a good amount of available storage to download. However, Paul Haile, production director at Infinity Ward, warned us about the file size and also assures us that the actual size of the game will be smaller after the download is complete.

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