June 13, 2024


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Red Dead Online Players Protest Lack of Updates

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Players of Red Dead Online have begun to dress up as clowns and populate servers to protest the lack of content updates being released for the game.

Players of Red Dead Online have started to dress up as clowns and organizing protests in the game in response to a lack of major updates from Rockstar Games, with a cross-platform event coming later this month.

PCGamesN was the first to spot the events the protests, noticing that Red Dead Online players had begun to dress themselves in clown costumes and populate servers. This lighthearted protest is to draw attention to the fact that it has been seven months since the game had its last major content update.

The trend has appeared to stem from the Red Dead Fashion community, which has been hosting monthly fashion contests with July’s theme being “The Travelling Circus”. The mantra of the contest was: “Since we’re all clowns for believing we’ll get an update, it’s fitting that we dress up as them in-game too!”

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After that, the community just began to fill servers as clowns and documenting their antics while doing so. Maganr, an admin for the Red Dead Online Discord group, spoke with Polygon about the protests, saying, “Rather than let it turn negative or nasty, which in game communities things often can, I thought I’d turn [our protests] into something a bit more fun or even wholesome in a way.”

These sort of groupings have fueled the game’s community even more, with a major cross-platform event planned for next Monday, July 20th. A tweet from the community’s Twitter account says that more details will be revealed this weekend.

While perhaps not reaching the heights of their other online service, GTA Online, Rockstar has seen success with this online service for their popular, Western-style game. The reasons for the delay are unknown, but we would not be surprised if it had to do with the pandemic. We will have to wait and see what Rockstar does next.

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