June 13, 2024


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As the official WB Games Montreal teaser campaign launches today, there have been more details found in the r3dakt3d website that continue to point towards the game being a Batman-related game. The new clues seem to reference Batgirl and Two-Face.

You can head to the website right now, click and hold the entry button, and enter the code “761” (as teased by the r3dakt3d Twitter account) to unlock an image. The image is a piece of a map with the phrase: “One Step Closer.”

WB Games Montreal Teases Batgirl and Two-Face

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IGN worked out the subsequent codes for each day and then received a tip that the string of codes – which reads 761,941,364,995 – come together to be the barcode for Detective Comics #359, which marked the first appearance Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl. The Batman: Gotham Knights features Batman’s extended superhero family, and since the game is rumored to be titled “Gotham Knights”, many believe this to be a sign of Batgirl’s inclusion in the game.

Twitter user, Presobard, also managed to find the image for the second map, which bears the phrase: “Face Two Face.” This seems to confirm that the iconic villain will be a part of the game.

Both characters have been a part of the Arkham series, with Barbara Gordon serving as “Oracle” and giving Batman information and tips from the Bat-Cave. We saw Two-Face in a couple of instances throughout the series, but he never served as a main villain in the stories of the games. Perhaps this one will mark his first foray as the main villain.

We also have reason to suspect the game will involve the Court of Owls in some way. A organized crime group and secret society, the Court of Owls serves as a constant threat to Batman, serving as one of his main antagonists at the beginning of the New 52 storyline.

As more teases are revealed and the DC FanDome event coming this weekend, we are sure to learn more about what WB Games Montreal has in store for us.

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