June 16, 2024


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A Battle of the CPU: Intel VS AMD

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Intel has enjoyed some very dominant years in the PC world. While their rivalry with AMD has been long, it has not been a very neck and neck race until these last 3 years.

AMD has come out swinging these last few months, and this year in particular, they have really brought their A-game.

To give some brief context, Intel’s stranglehold on the CPU market stemmed from the fact that Intel traditionally handled heat, clock speeds and value for your money over what AMD was offering. Intel had the benefit of also having a larger development team and strong partnerships with prolific companies like Microsoft and DJI.

AMD traditionally never had much of a chance. Even if their product was a better value and a stronger product, they just could not compete with Intel’s marketing and affiliations.

However, as AMD began to score deals with Razor and Apple, they began to make a bigger name for themselves.

Now that brief preamble has ended, where has AMD ended up? Will, they offer a hugely better value than their rivals at nearly a quarter of the price.

AMD is not so much rivaling Intel insomuch as they are just dismantling Intel by completely blowing away the competition, advertising to bigger crowds of content creators and gamers and by just continuing to increase the value of your purchase by increasing everything good about their CPU lineup.

It would be remiss to say that Intel does not offer a certain level of value. They do have a host of features embedded into Windows software that are only obtainable to Intel chipsets. And while they are being outdone by their competitors, they are a very safe brand to most novices and businesses meaning that they will always have some level of quality that will be guaranteed.

Intel has also wisely started going heavier into things like Drone AI systems, medical fields and advancements in AI technology. It would be easy to say that this is Intel actively admitting defeat and focusing on areas that AMD has no foothold in, or it could very well be that Intel is simply trying to expand their portfolio and maintain relevance in an increasing market.

One thing is for sure, AMD has gone from the value version of Intel with half of the features, to the outright better choice and a huge value in purchase price. AMD’s continuing success may yield the inevitable day where they start demanding the same shelf prices as Intel but until that day, AMD is the clear winner for the time being.

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