June 13, 2024


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BioWare Unveils HUGE Changes for Anthem

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Time to Return to Anthem

After the catastrophic launch of the new IP led to some pretty big changes for BioWare, they went back to the drawing board. Well now, BioWare is ready to start revealing the changes that are coming to Anthem.

While some of the bigger changes and overhauls to the game have yet to be detailed, we did get to see some changes to the loot system. One of the biggest complaints with Anthem was the power leveling as well as the incredibly unrewarding loot pool in place. No one felt any need or drive to discover and earn new items, which defeats the point of a looter shooter video game.

BioWare Austin lead director Christian Dailey spoke about the changes and what to expect in a blog post posted to the site.

Finding specific loot, gear and weapons was a total crap shoot

Beginning with loot, one of the biggest things that people complained about was the frequency and viability of the loot. Saying that the further you progress, loot should be something that scales up more often and be viable to use for your character. So, Dailey mentioned these three changes for the Loot Progression inside of Anthem.

  • Increase the frequency of Loot Drops
  • Loot is viable more often; All items are better and more competitive, but there’s still a chance of getting something exceptional
  • All loot rarities have strategic value throughout progression

Another big issue that people, myself included, took issue with in the game was the issue of specific loot tables. Finding specific loot, gear and weapons was a total crap shoot. Maybe you’d get it from this activity and maybe you won’t, it was really frustrating. Now, we can expect more specific sources about the Specific Loot Choice.


  • You can pursue specific loot without relying on randomness alone; Quests; Specialized Vendors; Unique Loot Tables
  • Modify your loot, including rerolling inscriptions and leveling up items

Gotta Make it Shine

Maybe you’re more annoyed with how mediocre earning new loot feels. At least in games like Destiny 2, there’s sound effects and lighting changes to indicate that you found something rare and special. 

  • Loot feels exciting and more noticeable when it drops, and is celebrated when collected
  • Rare enemies (aka “walking treasure chests”) create exciting moments to get a burst of loot all at once

BioWare is also finally adding the ability to reveal, inspect and equip new loot and gear right away. You no longer have to sit through loading screens, or wait for something to be examined or anything like that. Players can now view the new loot immediately as well as a more detailed spec sheet that shows off the viability of the loot in question.

  • Reveal and equip loot right away
  • Complete revamp of the equipment sheet – including a detailed stat sheet (not shown)
  • The equipment sheet can be accessed from anywhere, allows you to easily see what you have equipped in each slot

Lastly, Dailey talked about Power Level inside of Anthem and the changes that we can expect to see when it goes into play.

  • Your power cap can be easily increased, and the loot system scales accordingly
  • Advanced telemetry data allows us to identify trends and make meaningful balance changes

Is it Too Late for BioWare?

Overall, it sounds like BioWare is on the right track with the changes to Anthem. After the months and months of consistent setbacks, bad PR and mediocre game design of the core experience. With such a hard fall from grace, BioWare has had to earn a lot of their audience back with these changes.

It should go without saying that these changes will not happen all at once within Anthem. These changes will happen over the course of the next year or so, and it’s going to be gradual so don’t start downloading Anthem right now. Give it some time and we’ll have to wait and see where it goes.

What do you think of Anthem and the changes that are coming to the game? Do you think that it is too late for BioWare and EA to earn back some good grace? Or do you think that Anthem has been a solid game for a while and glad to see it getting some recognition.


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