June 21, 2024


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Crysis Remastered Coming to (Hopefully) Not Break Your PC

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The technical powerhouse is getting a remaster.

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Back in 2007, developer, Crytek, released a technical-feat of a game, called Crysis. Crysis was the unit by which to measure the power of your gaming computer. “Can it run Crysis?” was a legitimate question-turned-meme to know just how much your PC could handle.

The semi-open world game was a hit, and spawned two sequels as a result.

Now, it looks like players are going to be able to return to the tropical island setting of the game when Crysis Remastered comes out.

The game was apparently revealed accidentally on Crytek’s website. The announcement has since been taken down, but not before the internet, as usual, was able to snag some screenshots that have since been circulating.

According to the images, the game will be coming out on just about every platform, with a release date of “Coming Soon”. But given the fact that it only lists the current generation of consoles, and not the upcoming generation set to release this winter, it could be a safe assumption that it will be sometime within the next few months.

The announcement says that the game will have “new graphic features”, higher quality textures and “CRYENGINE’s native hardware and API-agnostic ray tracing solution.” Though, we assume that it will no longer need the top-of-the-line hardware to run it.

This is just the first game that is getting a remaster, but we personally hope that if it does well, then it could extend to its sequels as well, specifically our favorite, Crysis 2.

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