July 18, 2024


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Cyberpunk 2077 Gets New Trailer That Shows off The Story

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We’ve Got a City to Burn

CD Projekt Red is known for games with branching narratives and choices that hold true consequences throughout the story. And it looks like Cyberpunk 2077 will be carrying forward that tradition in grand fashion. 

The newest trailer for the upcoming SciFi RPG video game is chock full of moments that feature branching consequences and choices that face players. Introducing a host of new characters, gameplay footage and some sweet retro 80’s synthwave music.

One of the first things that gets shown off is the various different ways your character will experience the way that the story begins. And how your character will be treated by the rest of the characters in the world. 

Nomad, Street Kid or Corporate

Players can select one of three different initial houses, or origins if you will. Nomad, a sort of wanderer who tries to find any con, scam or get rich quick scheme and grew up in a dominantly Latino gang. These gangs are basically family and grew up outside of the city limits.

Learning how to survive and exist by the friendships that they forge rather than by mass social interaction. Not quite outcasts, but not exactly high society.

Second option for players is that of the Street Kid. Much like the name implies, you’ve learned survival skills purely by being on your own and making friends the old fashioned way.

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You’re shunned by the majority of the society and consistently hunted by the cops who seem to always have it out for you. Luckily you’re quick on feet and able to talk, or fight, your way out of most situations.

Third option for players to choose from is that of Corporate, and yes, it’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Espionage, blackmail, expensive living is the motif brand that players can expect from the Corporate background of this origin.

Some Sweet 4K Gameplay

Players also got to see some new gameplay for the combat inside of Cyberpunk 2077.

Showing off tons of weapons we hadn’t seen before in glorious high resolution 4K gameplay! Everything from sub-machine guns with tracking rounds to explosive shotguns that look like something the Geneva Convention would ban in a heartbeat.

But, if we had to pick a set of weapons that we’re most excited to try out, it would have to be the three melee weapons they showed off in the trailer. Thermal Katana is exactly what it sounds like; a Japanese inspired sword that has a blade hot enough to cut through robotic appendages. Mantis Blades, which made an appearance way back in the initial teaser trailer, that look all sorts of fun and brutal. Lastly, the gorilla arms. Robotic strength amplifiers that enable players to rip apart limbs, destroy robots and carry heavier weapons.

This game is also looking seriously gory. Definitely going to be earning that M-rating from everything that we’ve seen so far!

In Summary

Overall, it looks like CD Projekt Red is setting up yet another rock solid story for players to chase after. With tons of espionage, an underlying threat of totalitarianism and prejudice paving the way for an epic thrill ride.

While Cyberpunk 2077 does tend to have a habit of getting delayed, the more we see of it, the happier we are to wait it out!


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