March 2, 2024


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Microsoft Believes that Next Gen Gaming Upgrades Should be Free

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Bold Move Microsoft, Let’s See if it Pays Off

According to various sources within the video game publishing stratosphere, Microsoft has been suggesting a big change. That all next gen upgrades of games, should be offered free to the consumers. 

So for example, say you own Destiny 2 and play it quite a bit. But then you decide; ‘you know what, I think I’ll get it on the Series X and enjoy better support’. Well, according to Microsoft, Bungie should upgrade you to the latest game on Series X for no additional cost.

This would be in line with all of the consumer heavy focus that Microsoft has been implementing. Such as their Smart Delivery System, which will allow you to play any purchased game across all applicable platforms.

That feature in particular is a huge step up for Microsoft and promises endless possibilities. Especially since the Xbox Series X is also backwards compatible all the way back to the original Xbox games.

Some Developers Are Already Doing This

Worth noting, that we did already see some support from third party developers for this exact plan. Bungie is offering a free upgrade to the next gen for Destiny 2. CD Projekt Red is offering Cyberpunk 2077 upgrades for no additional cost as well.

EA is also striving to offer the same service, although so far, they’ve only been offering it for their sports titles. So if you’re a fan of games like Fifa and Madden, then EA has you covered. Which is a nice change of pace, considering that EA has traditionally been not so consumer friendly.

Assuming that this news is true, it could really give Microsoft a leg up in the race to Next Gen sales. True, Microsoft has stated before that it doesn’t see PlayStation as a rival, they just want to provide good gaming. 

That being said, we’d be lying if we said that we were crazy impressed with anything revealed so far, for either console. Both has some definite pros and cons: Series X is definitely going to win over a lot of people with backwards compatibility but PlayStation still has those exclusives.

Pricing has yet to be determined on either console, so that is going to be the deciding factor for a lot of people. As soon as we know the price for said consoles, you can be sure that we will let you know right here!


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