June 21, 2024


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Kingdoms of Amalur Being Delayed, Receiving New DLC Expansion in 2021

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Return to Amalur… Later

Fans of Amalur will have to wait a little bit longer for the release, but it seems like it’ll be worth it. How is it going to be worth it, you ask. Well, Kingdoms of Amalur is getting a new DLC expansion, almost a whole decade after it dropped.

Back in 2012, gamers received one of Fantasy Gaming’s most underappreciated games. Kingdoms of Amalur was a love letter to classic Fantasy fans everywhere. With an original story penned by Fantasy legend R.A. Salvatore. Known for his work on The Demonwars Saga as well as his Forgotten Realms series.

Not to mention his creation of Drizzt Do’Urden, one of Fantasies most recognizable characters of all time.

Amalur also boasted original styles from Todd Mcfarlane. Who made his mark on the comic book industry with favorites like Spawn and Spider-Man. With some awesome creature design, captivating open world and several boss battles.

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Hopefully History Doesn’t Repeat

Upon its release, Kingdoms of Amalur failed to secure a lot of sales. Despite some very positive reception from critics and the few who bought it. They praised the gameplay and combat system, which to this day rivals any other action RPG. As well as praising the unique art style and interesting story.

Even then, Amalur just did not sell well at all. It would also release two new DLC’s before the studio was declared bankrupt. They would eventually be purchased by THQ Nordic, the team now responsible for the remaster. 

So do we really know anything about the new DLC? No, not hardly at all really. We have the name, Fatesworn. Nordic said that the DLC will focus on the history of the Fated One, which lends to the credibility of it taking place afterwards.

Personally, we don’t particularly care if it is set before or after the events of the main game. We would not complain about new content for Kingdoms of Amalur regardless of when it came out. Definitely would’ve been nice if it had come out much earlier, but it happens.

This DLC does bring up an interesting question though. With the remaster being a sort of technical showcase for next gen capabilities, the focus on new content in 2021, could we be getting a sequel?

There were rumors floating around for a while before the announcement of the Remaster. THQ Nordic was rumored to have been working on a sequel to the original story. Question is; is that sequel a large DLC dropping for the main game or a new game entirely? Odds are, that question is up for grabs dependent entirely on how well the remaster sells.

Should come as no surprise but we highly recommend picking up the original and playing it for yourself. But if you’re on the PC, maybe just wait for the remastered edition to come out.


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