June 13, 2024


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Destiny 2 New Quest – Felwinter’s Lie Returns with a Vengeance

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Despite a ton of setbacks, consistent event issues, Destiny 2’s latest quest is live and ready! Time to earn Felwinter’s Lie!

It certainly was not a smooth ride to achieve. Destiny has had a lot of struggles over the course of this season. This latest quest was no stranger to difficulty either, and it all began with the Seraph Towers.

In Season of the Worthy the new event Seraph Towers, have gone over not very well with the community. They provide a good source of loot, but are incredibly tedious and do not do a good job of engaging players. 

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These events were the stepping stone to beginning the new quest, which rewarded a god tier shotgun. Requiring 9 million event completions, the community was not enthusiastic about the process. It took Bungie increasing the amount of completion multipliers to even get step one completed. 

Unfortunately, when the event preceding this, Guardian Games, was received poorly, Bungie had no choice. The community was already pretty fed up with lackluster events.

What Would Follow, Did not Help

So, when the first step was completed, the quest was unlocked and it seemed pretty simple. Step two, go to Ana Bray, Step three get shotgun kills, step four? Well, step four is where things got ugly.

See, at step four, we were supposed to go to the Seraph Bunker on the Moon and begin the story. Except when we went to the bunker, it went to a black screen and sent us to Eris Morn. Bugged, the quest was bugged. Tensions flared pretty quickly, even if there was nothing that Bungie could really do at the moment.

Luckily, as of Thursday the 21st, the quest was fixed. Players got to experience one of the last portions of Season of Worthy’s story. How did Felwinter die, was Felwinter Rasputin’s son? All of these were answered in a fairly solid mission that was hampered by bugs and tedium.

Was it all worth it? Well, it depends on who you ask. The weapon reward in question, Felwinter’s Lie, was infamous back in Destiny 1. It was a shotgun that had the range of an auto rifle without being a slug shotgun like Chaperone. 

While the weapon is still incredibly potent, it obviously depends on how effective you are with shotguns. Felwinter’s Lie, certainly makes it much easier to be effective though, that much is true.

Did you enjoy Destiny 2’s latest event/quest? Let us know in the comments below!


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