July 18, 2024


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Destiny 2 Next Season Teaser – What the Hell is Happening?

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You may or may not have seen the latest two teasers featuring what to expect from D2’s new direction. If you haven’t, then give them a watch down below, and let’s get to talking some Destiny news! Because Destiny 2 next season is setting up something really big.

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So we see two different things happening. Eris is hunting for something on an icy moon, could be Europa or it could be Enceladus. Leading theory right now is Europa, just due to the importance and teases that Bungie gave us for a Europa destination before. There’s been a long standing leak that Europa was supposed to be in Destiny 1, but got cancelled last minute.

So it would certainly make sense that Eris is on Europa, and that we’ll see it coming in either this season or the Fall. However, Enceladus is also a pretty safe bet in terms of the story. Now, we don’t know much about it, but the Deep Stone Crypt is supposed to be on Enceladus. Supposedly, it holds secrets that the Exo Race takes to their graces. Specifically mentioned by Cayde-6 as having more importance and secrets than anyone else knew about.

There’s a few leading theories on what exactly DSC is, but nothing concrete (see what I did there?) Has been established just yet. 

What about the Drifter? Well, at the very least we can confirm that he is on his way to Europa. We know that much for a fact. You see Jupiter in the background, you see the frosted surface of a moon etc.

Most people are speculating that this also confirms where Eris is, but some people remain unconvinced. Myself, I believe she’s on Europa, but there is a possibility that it is Enceladus.

Drifter Allegiance Comes Full Circle?

Begs the question, what is on Europa/Enceladus that these two former light bearers want? We know from Lore Entries and in game story that neither of these characters follow the Traveler. 

By the way, this is NOT Europa. Hopefully that’s obvious from the giant planet in the background. But, this is from official Destiny Art from Bungie, so there is something to be discerned here.

Drifter especially believes the Traveler is a false prophet, and he knows how to control the darkness firsthand. He’s able to summon Taken and uses his abilities in ways that Guardians have never seen. Following his story in the Allegiance quest, players know that Drifter has gone through a lot of crap. He also describes in a lore book about how he and his crew met the Darkness. 

“During our long stay on that planet, we found many of those monoliths, each with their own captured creature. Anyway, this thing – the creature – looked like it shared common bioenergetics with the Hive, but there were no records then or since that I’ve ever seen of Humanity’s encounters with them. And the creature had a property the Hive did not have. It produced a field that repressed Light – like a Darkness Zone, but contained to a gooey, vacuous form with no head. The anti-Light fields we had detected from orbit that spread across the planet? It was these things. Our ship’s scanners indicated thousands of them were on this planet with us. We were ecstatic. In hindsight, we all could have done with a few less of ’em. My crew and I quickly learned that the creatures in the monolith facilities were not the only ones on that damn rock. Plenty of ’em roaming around out in the wild-where it was cold, but less cold than the frozen cages with the monoliths. How’d we find out? Well, one of us died in our sleep. Not that uncommon or tragic, actually. Happened a lot. Cold out there. Except this time, that fella’s Ghost couldn’t resurrect him. Turns out one’a those creatures just slithered by, and close proximity to it from inside our shelter just… silenced that poor bastard’s Light.”

Now, if you’re thinking that they found these creatures on Europa, that isn’t the case. This planet was supposedly farther out than anything else that Guardians even know exists.

But, there is a fringe conspiracy theory among Guardians that this icy planet could be Enceladus. Considering how much of the moon is shrouded in mystery, and Cayde’s fascination with it, there could be something there. What exactly ‘it’ is, we just have no way of knowing.

Our Take on Things

Bungie did describe Season 11 and 12 as being unlike any other time that we’ve ever seen in Destiny before. Taken King? Nope, we’re gonna be going beyond that. Forsaken? Maybe a bit closer but still bigger. Personally, we think that we’re going to see a massive shift in the Fall, not so much in this next season. Wagering a guess, this season will introduce Europa as a new destination. However, there won’t be much to do outside of exploration and trying to find Eris and the Drifter. We’re guessing that the story is going to be pretty light on details, but heavy on setting up the future consequences.

When the Fall Expansion comes however, we’re wagering that things are going to get much more interesting. Bungie once talked about how they would like to create areas much like The Division’s Dark Zones. Places where PvPvE happens all the time and where rogue Guardians can stake claims. Mix in the leaks about future Darkness subclasses and Bungie’s insistence that Allegiances would come into play and we think that we’re onto something.

Short version; don’t expect too much from this season outside of a lot of teases. Expect the big stuff to hit the fan starting the Fall, with a lot of lead up until then.

Pyramid ships are coming, and whatever is inside them is hungry for the Traveler. The Almighty is about to crash into the Traveler, which has led to some theories that the Traveler might leave. Rasputin is being enigmatic and secretive as ever, but he promises to destroy the Almighty.

What the hell is happening in Destiny? Are we all about to witness a huge shift in game design and the world that Bungie has created? Signs point to something really big coming, and we are extremely excited.

For more updates on Bungie’s upcoming reveal and what is to come in Destiny, stay tuned with us here at Geekhash!

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