June 13, 2024


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Destiny 2 Roundup – Exotic Buffs, Power Level Cheese, EZ Boss Kills

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Destiny 2's newest season has brought a ton of Exotic changes, and amazing loot to chase.

I swear, the Destiny community is amazing, but it takes them no time to find new ways to break the game. When it isn’t breaking the game, it’s finding cheeses to the content or just finding new secrets all over.

Let’s start with the easy stuff!


Exotics – Vigilance Wing is God Tier, Witherhoard Deletes

If you watch content creators like Aztecross, you might already be aware of the fact that precision frame Pulses got a buff. What you might not be aware of is that Vigilance Wing also got a secret little buff. Which, I don’t know about you, but I’ve been getting my ass kicked by VW lately.

So precision pulses got a crit hit increase of 21 to 22. Which means that you can kill a Guardian in 5 hits instead of 6, bringing the TTK down by about half a second or so. Mix in the Vigilance Wing 6 round burst, a Catalyst that turns it full auto, and you have a god killing machine. Seriously, this gun puts some people down in Crucible now.

What about that Witherhoard? Haha, it straight up deletes bosses from the game, it’s 100% broken. We mean that it’s actually broken, it’s not supposed to be doing this. All you need is Well, Ward of Dawn or a buff, have your fireteam shoot about 4 shots apiece and boom. Boss is dead.

Bungie did address Witherhoard in their latest TWAB, saying that you should enjoy it while it is here. They won’t be disabling it while it’s available, but it’s not supposed to be ALT-F4ing bosses, big surprise there.


More Story Details Emerge 

Are the Interference missions a one off or do they change week to week? Turns out, we should also see updated versions of the missions every reset or so. 

Redditors over at r/RaidSecrets (yup, those clever bastards again) discovered image files and ways to glitch into new areas of the map. They found different versions of the Court of Savathun and reprised areas from the Dreadnought. Including files for different dialogue, Lore and Eris quests. 

All of which is a good sign for the content this season. With such a strong start, it wouldn’t have been a good mark to see the Interference mission just repeat with no new updates week to week. Not saying that it needs to blow us away, just needs to keep the mystery alive for a little while.

They also found additional items for the upcoming Evacuation Quest. Looks like we’ll also be running to the various planets warning the vendors and people to get off world. Sounds like this may be a little bit more dramatic than we had originally thought.

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Dark Drinker 2.0 and Bolt Caster 2.0 Return

You’d have to be blind to miss all of the content creators praising the return of the sword Dark Drinker. Well, to be more accurate, a sword that acts the exact same as Dark Drinker.

Back in Destiny 1, Dark Drinker was an Exotic sword that excelled at two particular things: Clearing a group of enemies more effectively than anything else, but now we have Witherhoard. Secondly, it would do an insane amount of boss damage when done correctly.

However, it was also a long quest to get an Exotic Sword back in Destiny 1. Grinding to get all three of the Exotic Swords was just a little bit of a pain to do. Especially when it comes to the Crucible step of the quest.

So, in Destiny 2, we have Guillotine, a legendary sword that drops from the Season Pass and Umbral Engrams. It acts the exact same as Dark Drinker, except it does not take up that Exotic slot.

Swords in Destiny 2 got a huge update a couple seasons back, changing the way that you applied heavy and light attacks. Being able to combine the attacks gives you the ability to do even more damage than before. 

Not just Dark Drinker returned, Bolt Caster returned as well. Definitely does not do the same amount of damage as Guillotine, but it certainly feels good to yeet electricity at people in Destiny 2.


Destiny 2 Is in a Good Place

We’re super excited to see where Destiny 2 continues to go as the season continues to develop. Between the exciting story, implications of what is to come, pretty intense Exotics updates/buffs and changes to the loot pool.

Drifter’s Umbral Engrams are giving people the opportunity to jumper Power Levels rather quickly as well. Meaning that nobody is unable to participate in things like the Dungeon, Grandmasters and Trials. Usually it takes everyone at least a month to hit that point, now everyone is on the same playing field for a change.

While this season continues to hit highpoints, we’re excited to see the continuation of Destiny 2. Bring on the updates, it’s time to see what happens next in Destiny 2!


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