March 3, 2024


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Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy Mini Review/Update

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The Almighty is coming in Destiny 2's Season of the Worthy.

Eye’s up Guardian!

With the latest Season in Destiny 2 ready to draw to a close, it’s time to look at what worked and what’s happening. As well as supplying critique to the elements that just did not work the way that Bungie had hoped they would.

With the ever impending approach of the Almighty, let’s take some time to discuss some Destiny 2.


Story – No Finale Yet, but Still a Letdown So Far

That’s right, Season of the Worthy DID have a story that was ongoing. Went something like this; the Cabal are still mad at losing the Red War, they board their superweapon The Almighty and send it on a crash course. Destination? Earth, The Last City.

So we have to turn to Rasputin and power him up in a last ditch effort to save the Last City before it’s too late. Here’s the thing, the most interesting and enjoyable part of this story has been the background. Pyramid ships, Darkness, Felwinter and consequences are what elevated this season’s story.

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Everything is pointing to something big happening right around the corner in the Fall Expansion later this year. Downside to all of that is that no one really cares about the main story right now. Almighty might crash into the tower, kill some people and cause mayhem, whoopdedoo. We all know that it isn’t going to kill anyone important so why worry? There’s no high stake involved right now.

But, if the leaks are even 10% true, things are going to hit the fan starting next season. Which could make the Fall Expansion some truly game changing stuff. Too bad that it came at the expense of a very boring Cabal story.


Armor – Epitome of Hit & Miss

Seventh Seraph Armor CAN look good in Season of the Worthy.

Story is good and all, but the heart and soul at the core of Destiny 2 is the loot. Overpowered Exotics, amazing new legendaries and snazzy armor is our bread and butter. How did Season of the Worthy perform?

Truth be told, this category as well was pretty meandering in a lot of places. I’m a big loot enthusiast, I love armor look especially, all about that aesthetic. Armor this season was really weird. 

Seventh Seraph Armor was about 33% good and worth getting. Titans looked mediocre, Hunters looked homeless but the Warlock looked pretty fly. I really dug the Russian look, like Fallout meets Soviet Era WWII. Ornaments wise, it definitely improved the Titan set, the Hunter still looked meh and it made the Warlock look pretty rad.

Eververse Armor was again, about 33% good. Titan’s definitely got the worst end of it, it’s literally a hoodie and pants. Warlocks look alright depending on personal preference. Personally, I loved the Warlock helmet and gauntlets, hated the chest piece and boots. Hunters however, oh man that Eververse set is some of the best Hunter gear ever made by Bungie.

New Exotic armor pieces were actually pretty rock solid across the board. Citan’s Ramparts, Felwinter’s Helm and Raiju’s Harnass were all freaking awesome. They all did something different that we hadn’t seen before, earning them a spot in the hall of fame.


Weapons – Mostly Solid

There were quite a few weapons that people slept on for this Season that they really shouldn’t have.

Seraph weapons in particular are some of the best weapons since Forsaken. CQC Shotgun is one of the snappiest/responsive shotguns in the game. Seventh Seraph Sidearm is the best feeling sidearm in the game hands down. Revolver is okay if you like the archetype. Auto Rifle was okay, but too slow, same with the submachine gun. True winner of the Seraph weapons for me was the SAW, it puts people down in Gambit.

Exotic weapons were a mismatch of amazing and meh. Fourth Horseman made a return and got used for all of one week while people completed legendary lost sectors. Winner of the Exotic weapons was definitely Heir Apparent.

Heir Apparent is definitely the most unique and fun to use Exotic since Deathbringer in Shadowkeep. Spinning up a minigun, getting a Cabal Centurion shield and laying out destruction feels so good!

Tommy’s Matchbook is definitely a sleeper hit. Once you get the catalyst completed, it’s one of the best 750 – 900 RPM auto Rifles in the game.


End Game Content – This One Hurt

No new raid, not a lot of story content and bugs are the tagline of Worthy’s end game content. 

We saw the return of Trials of Osiris, and it went downhill quicker than a landslide. Rampant cheating, consistent bugs, cheap trial card exploits and account recoveries plague this mode. While those can be fixed, it’s the gear that also let us down.

There’s no Adept gear, which is gonna change, but the gear is just D1 reskins. Thing is, most of us went flawless in D1, we already had all of this gear. Sure it’s cool to see it but could we not have gotten two different sets or something? As a collector I would have rather seen Trials of the Nine return than earn 5 year old gear.

Tower Events are about as engaging as watching moss grow on a pond. It can be relaxing until you realize that you’re wasting your time on something that won’t ever change. What was wrong with matchmade events like Sundial or Menagerie? I know that you can’t just reskin and call it good but come on.

Bunkers were a nice addition, even if they were kinda easy to complete and farm. But the story implications and the aesthetics of the bunkers are pretty sweet, won’t lie.

Grandmaster Nightfalls and Legendary Lost Sectors are a fun addition, but they don’t do enough different things. They just sort of exist to be beaten, it’s a checklist activity.


In Summary

Unless the finale completely blows me away, Season of the Worthy was a lot of downsides with a few bright moments. In comparison, the story, end game content and gear from Season of Dawn was consistent.

While there were absolutely less than stellar moments in Season of Dawn, it just felt better. Everything felt more cohesive and rounded out. Now, we understand that Bungie is working under very different conditions. COVID has made game development a pain in the ass, they’re doing their best.

Which is why we’ve been a little nicer in this mini review/summary. We have a lot of issues with Season of Worthy. We’re permanently turned off of Trials, Grandmasters were a letdown, The Lie quest broke etc. Lots of blame and let downs all around.

Not to say that there were 0 upsides. Seventh Seraph Weapons are legit some of the best in the game. Heir Apparent is a phenomenal addition and the background story has us giddy with excitement.

Just sucks that it all came at the expense of the worst season in Destiny history. At least with expansions like House of Wolves we get meaningful end game content that worked.


We’re gonna hold off on the score until the finale hits, if we had to rate it right now: 5/10


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