June 21, 2024


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Facial Recognition Technology Coming to U.S. Airports by 2021

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Facial Recognition Technology Coming to U.S. Airports by 2021

President Trump is introducing facial recognition technology at 20 of the largest domestic Airports, according to Buzzfeed news.

The move is part of actions taken in order to protect the nation “from terrorist activities by foreign nationals admitted to the United States”.

The motion will affect more than 100 million passengers. The controversial technology is a bid to improve passengers “Biometric verification of identities.” with U.S. Department Homeland Security rushing to get the system in place after Trump issued an executive order in March 2017 which accelerated the process.

In a move that has been called “Orwellian,” every passenger will have their face scanned. U.S. Customs and Border protection is racing to enact the “Biometric entry-exit system.” If the goal is achieved, it will be using facial recognition technology on travelers aboard 16,300 flights per week.

The proposal was initially introduced under the Obama administration and continued by Trump. The technology is already being used in 17 major international airports, including in Atlanta, New York and Boston.

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