March 3, 2024


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Cyberpunk 2077 Next-Gen

After a rocky first year or so – and plenty of speculation – the next-gen version of CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 is finally out, and players can download the update now!

When CD Projekt Red announced they would be hosting a stream this past Tuesday, many players speculated that they would be finally announcing when the long-awaited update to the game would be coming. That hype was met as the developer spent the majority of the time on the stream detailing the changes that would be coming to the game with the next-gen version.

This mostly entailed talking about the two modes that would be coming to the game: Ray Tracing and Performance. As you can probably guess, the Ray Tracing mode brings a focus on the resolution for the game and the implementation of more realistic lighting, at the cost of running the game at a solid 30fps. Performance Mode is all about the framerate, having the game run at a smooth 60fps with the caveat of reduced resolution to 1440p.

What many didn’t expect to happen was the release date of the update to be that very day. As the stream ended, we were met with a screen telling players that the update was out at that very moment, and for free, at that.

The update is nothing to laugh at either, as the patch comes in at a whopping 50GB for all platforms. The patch notes for the update are massive as well, with more information on there than most people could take the time to read. Some of the biggest changes with the update comes in the form now allowing players to change their appearance at any point using a mirror at their character’s apartment. You can also now purchase complete makeovers for your apartment and buy new apartments around the city. In addition to these changes, the game is also getting a ton of quality-of-life improvements, which are much-needed after the game’s well-documented (and much-maligned) issues when it launched.

When Cyberpunk 2077 released in December of 2020, the game was not finished, and it was plain to see. While it could run fine on PC and pretty stable on the new next-gen consoles, the game was borderline unplayable on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. From graphical glitches to constant crashing, the game was quickly taken off the Playstation Store and players were requesting refunds in droves.

However, the past year has seen CD Projekt Red put in a lot of work to get the game to where it needed to be, and now, it’s the game we deserved at launch. After having spent one playthrough on PC and trying the new update on PS5, we can say that there is no better time to try the game out than right now.

Are there bugs? Of course. Are there still plenty of issues? Certainly. But the game has never felt this good to play and CD Projekt Red has really poised itself to take the game even further.

If you’re on the fence about getting the game, the developers have released a 5-hour free trial for the next-gen versions as well, with any progress made during the trial able to be carried over to the full game. Now, this is only with next-gen consoles, so if you are a PC, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4 user, you are out of luck.

We are excited to see where Cyberpunk 2077 goes from here and hope that CD Projekt Red can keep putting in the work so that we don’t forget the rough launch, but are able to forgive it.

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