February 24, 2024


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Elden Ring Maintenance

While most of us have been diving headfirst into Elden Ring, we are going to have to see the game’s online functionality down for a short amount of time.

As announced on FromSoftware’s Twitter page, Elden Ring is getting some work done on every platform today, though it will be different depending on which platform it is:
– PlayStation players will see servers down between 6 and 7 PST
– Xbox players will see the maintenance done between 7 and 8 PST
– PC users will see the servers down between 8 and 9 PST

These times mean that players in other regions will see this period of downtime occurring on March 1st.

Some players may be disappointed to see that this period of maintenance is not to help with Elden Ring‘s well-documented performance issues on both console and PC. The fix for that stuttering will be coming later and we still don’t have an official date for it.

The point of this maintenance is to help improve some of the multiplayer functions in the game, and while you won’t be able to  access these functions during this period, you can still play the game in offline mode. Though you may want to wait until you can summon a friend to help you take down Margit.

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