June 16, 2024


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Halo 2 PC Remaster Proves These Games Were Made for PC

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Time to Finish the Fight

While the Master Chief Collection has been available on Xbox for some time, it’s been gradual for PC. Now, we have Halo Reach, Halo: CE and now we have Halo 2!

While the game’s have obviously been released earlier on the Xbox One, PC gamers finally have a taste of the classics. CE and 2 did release back in the day before they were remastered. Notoriously however, Halo 2 was a commercial failure on Windows Vista and CE lost support after a few months.

When Halo: The Master Chief Collection released with Halo Reach on PC, fans were excited to see what happened next. Especially when people got to see just how well Reach held up and how good it looked in 4K60FPS. People with higher end or even mid tier PC’s were able to run the game extremely well.

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Which brought up a very interesting comparison. The PC versions are such a substantial step up in graphical prowess and consistency performance that the Xbox pales in comparison. 

Newer is Better

Truthfully, seeing the original Halo Games in high fidelity graphics is just one indicator of how well adapted they are. It’s also a reminder of just how superior the PC version of the games really are.

Especially if you have a good monitor to enjoy the extremely detailed new cutscenes of Halo 2.

This is saying nothing of the multiplayer which has benefitted hugely from the PC’s finely tuned controls. Using a mouse and keyboard just feels like the proper way to play the game. 

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If you have yet to experience the games on PC, this is the best time to do it. All three of the available games are phenomenal examples of SciFi storytelling, pitch perfect gameplay and freaking amazing music!

Let us know how you’re enjoying the Master Chief Collection in the comments below!


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