June 13, 2024


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With the release of the next generation of game consoles right around the corner, we have news that Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be getting an update for the Xbox Series S and Series X.

The news was announced by Xbox on Twitter which announced that the update would be free for all owners of the game and those who are subscribed to Xbox Game Pass.

As the tweet says, the update will be coming on November 17th and will bring 120FPS in campaign and multiplayer, split-screen improvements, up to 4K on Series X, and more.

It is also confirmed that the game collection will support cross-gen play and adjustable FOV.

The MCC is continuing to get updates as it looks to the future, where it is set to receive a custom game browser, PC fileshare, per game graphics and audio options, mouse and keyboard support on Xbox One, and more. Not to mention the upcoming release of Halo: Infinite which was delayed to 2021.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection was originally released in 2014 to a very rocky launch. Plagued with server issues, performance hiccups, and more, the game was notorious when it first came out. But thanks to the continuous work and updates by 343 Studios, the game has become one of the best deals in gaming, bringing almost every game in the series except for Halo 5 and both Halo Wars games.

And as we get ready for the release of the next entry in Master Chief’s story, being able to play an upgraded version of the old games will be a great way to pass the time.

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