June 14, 2024


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While users of both the PS5 and PS4 can download a brand new update today – giving them a refined user interface experience – the players on Sony’s newest console can expect another update in the near future that will improve games’ performance on the system.

The refinements that are a part of today’s update include a retuned part experience for those on PS4.There are also improvements to the trophy cards, Game Base, and the inclusion of mono audio for headphones. The Playstation and Playstation Remote Play apps have also been improved.

But possibly the biggest news is Sony teasing the upcoming addition of variable refresh rate support coming to the PS5. This feature is aiming to bring a smoother, crisper experience to any HDMI 2.1-compatible TV’s and monitors. This is done by getting rid of visual artifacts which will then improve the overall look of the graphics. The drawback is that the feature is best applied to games that are optimized through an update or a new game that has the ability at launch.

Players will be able to use the feature to some of the games that have not been optimized for it, however, Sony does warn that doing so may result in some “unexpected” visuals.

Sony had not given any official release date for the update, but does say that it will coming out “in the months ahead.”

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