July 18, 2024


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Sony Developing “Next Generation” VR, Might Not Be PSVR

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A recent job listing by Sony seems to indicate the company is working on a new VR headset that could be unrelated to PSVR.

A New Step for Virtual Reality?

Sony is working on a new, “next generation” VR headset, but it may not be related Playstation VR at all.

A Sony Job Listing is the Culprit as Usual

UploadVR spotted a job listing that says Sony is getting a team together to create a “next-generation VR head mounted display.” However, the posting says the device is being developed with “a view to five years from now”, and it is also posted by the core Sony corporation, not Sony Interactive Entertainment, who was behind the original PSVR headset.

A PSVR2 has yet to be announced but we do know that Sony is working on touch-sensitive controllers and that the PlayStation 5 will continue to support the original PSVR. It seems like an almost guarantee that Sony will continue to focus on developing more for VR.

Sony Developing "Next Generation" VR Headset, Might Not Be PSVR

Could Be Beyond Just for Console Gaming

But this listing does seem to indicate that the core company, is working on a VR headset to different ends than SIE. The 5-year timeline also indicates that this work is for a new generation of VR itself, not just for console gaming.

We will see what comes of this as more information comes out. Perhaps they will tell us more in an upcoming showcase for the PlayStation 5. If they do, you can be sure we will report on it right here for you.

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