June 13, 2024


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The Outer Worlds Gets New DLC in September!

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Xbox is on a Roll

One of our favorite games of this last year was the sleeper hit The Outer Worlds, and it seems that Obsidian agrees with us. Coming to both Game Pass and individual purchase in early September, Peril on Gorgon is bringing a new story and new content.

Obsidian teased it as being a more noir feel than the previous stories. As you try to hunt down the origin of the Adrena-Time. Peril on Gorgon won’t be just a new story, we’ll be getting new weapons, new perks, new characters etc.

If you never played The Outer Worlds before, we highly recommend that you do. While we never gave to an individual review, we’ve featured it on a couple of our Top 10’s lists simply due to how fun the game was. 

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Obsidian found a way to incorporate humor, biting wit, dry sarcasm and sharp writing to remarkable effect in this game. On top of that, characters feel original, fleshed out and boast tons of hours of side content to explore.

Gameplay was a step above most other action RPGs. With varied weapons, both melee and ranged. Multiple sidekicks that could accompany you on missions and actually pulled their weight. Different perks that brought some heavy BioShock like feel to the game.

Additionally, they introduced a system that also brought flaws to certain character builds. All of which came together to create a truly unique feeling RPG that was recommended by everyone we saw, but played by only a few.

So, are you ready to jump back into The Outer Worlds and start getting ready for Peril on Gorgon? We certainly are!


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