June 21, 2024


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10 UPCOMING GAMES IN 2020 – Number 8 may surprise you

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With an increased risk of going outside and socializing, there’s one thing that won’t change for a while; gaming. And 2020 has some really solid games to look forward to this year! From action adventure to horror, gaming has your itch covered!

Without further ado, check out our selections for the top 10 upcoming games in 2020!

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What games this year are you looking forward to? I can’t speak for anyone else but honestly I think it’s a tie between The Last of Us or Skull and Bones. I know they won’t be on the same level but I love history!

What game is going to be the best though? Obviously it won’t mean much if all of these games fail to live up to the hype, but here’s hoping! Be sure to check out our other lists and polls for more gaming and entertainment news!

4 thoughts on “10 UPCOMING GAMES IN 2020 – Number 8 may surprise you

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