June 21, 2024


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WHERE is the PS5?!

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What is Sony doing?

We are a few months into 2020 right now, and about 8 months out from when we expect the new generation of consoles to be released this holiday, and we aren’t sure what the Playstation 5 really is.

While Microsoft has already been dealing out a steady stream of information about their next console, the Xbox Series X, Sony has been bizarrely mum about anything with their console.

That’s not to say that we don’t have any information; we know some of the console’s specs and technology, but even a lot of that has been rumors and alleged leaks. We know that the console will be pretty powerful and an upgrade over the PS4, but other than that, all we know for sure is the console’s logo. Which is the same logo it’s been since the PS2, just with a different number at the end.

It’s just an odd thing to have Microsoft doling out so many details about the console, the games, and everything else about their next line of consoles, building up some real hype and excitement for it all, then we have Sony saying nothing. This has left many Sony fans wondering and worrying about what is going to happen with the console.

It is no secret that Sony had the best go of it this console generation, with the PS4 being far more successful than the Xbox One, which it deserved to be with its better-running system and better exclusives. We just hope that this success hasn’t caused them to become complacent or assuming they will be successful again.

Microsoft has come out swinging with this new console, and they certainly made a pretty impressive 180 near the end of the Xbox One’s life cycle. While it wasn’t enough to catch up to Sony, it will was a great way to jump into the next generation on the best foot possible. Sony needs to start being transparent soon here if they want to build enough hype for the console’s release. Microsoft has done everything right in their announcements of the next Xbox, so Sony has some work to do to catch up. They have about four months of work to catch up to Microsoft in building excitement.

It also doesn’t help that Sony will not be making any announcements during the now-digital events of E3, which is a time that they could make a big announcement to the entire industry.

They have the success of the PS4 to make up for some of that, and hopefully they can announce some amazing launch titles to really hook us, but we are still confused as of right now. What is Sony planning? When will we know these plans? We assume we will know relatively soon, but who knows when that will actually be?

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