June 16, 2024


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Call of Duty Cheaters No Longer Able to See Others

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It looks like Activision is continuing to double down on punishing cheaters in Call of Duty, as their RICOCHET team has announced a new system that will take away cheaters’ abilities to play.

Called cloaking, this new system will cause the cheating player to be unable to see any other players in the game, all while the other players will be able to see – and kill – them.

“Characters, bullets, even sound from legitimate players will be undetectable to cheaters” the blog post details. On the flip side? Legitimate players can see the cheaters as they succumb to the madness of not being able to see anything going on around them.”

They are also implementing a new strategy for cheaters who squeak their way onto the game’s leaderboards by completely erasing the player from it. This will allow more room for other players to work their way onto it without having worry about another player using “illegal” tactics.

This is another step in an ongoing process for Activision, who has had to combat cheaters and hackers for years with the popular shooter franchise. From permanent bans to IP blocks, Activision has made an effort to crack down on anyone trying to get ahead through these kinds of methods.

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