July 18, 2024


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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 4 – Overview and First Impressions

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Bravo Six, Going Dark

Modern Warfare finally has a new season underway, and it has some pretty notable changes. Or rather just some fun new updates  that you should be aware of as you get started on the new content.



New Features 

So as far as new features goes, there’s a couple of new things inside of Season 4. Starting with Warzone, there’s now the ability to find Juggernaut suits strewn around the Warzone map. Sounds like it will cause no end of frustration and kills.

Realism is also making it’s way to Warzone. The popular mode from Multiplayer that increases bullet damage, removes the HUD and forces players to adopt stealthier approaches. Will certainly make Warzone all kinds of fun.

Several new in-game events inside of random Warzone matches looks to spice some things up inside of Modern Warfare. There’s now a massive supply airplane that players can shoot down in order to get high end gear and money. As well as a one minute firesale that reduces killstreak costs by 80%.  

Last but not least, Jailbreak is a new event that allows every defeated Gulag player to come back for one last shot at victory. Which sounds like equal amounts of terrifying and amazing all at once. Expect to see a lot less player leaving games after a loss.


New Maps, New Modes

Of course how could we not talk about Modern Warfare Multiplayer and it’s new features.

So the biggest new thing in Multiplayer is that of Warzone Rumble. Rumble pits 50v50 players in select areas of the Verdansk map in deathmatch style matches. First team to 400 wins.

Ground War gets a new map in the form of Barakett Promenade which is a reprised area from the Warzone map. Ya know, for all 50 people that are still playing Ground War.

Trench is a new 2v2 or 3v3 map that features close quarters… Well… Trenches. It feels like something out of World at War and feels very claustrophobic compared to maps like Shipment and Shootout.

New Trials are now available, including the easiest XP farm that exists, Price’s Alley. Seriously, not getting two to three stars on that trial is pretty freaking difficult. Just pop an XP Token and repeat that trial over and over.


That’s about it as far as the new season goes. There’s a few new operators including Captain Price as well as new emblems, weapons and badges to earn and rank up. Infinity Ward continues to impress with it’s boatload of new features for Warzone and it’s increasingly large roster of maps and modes. 

Plenty to digest and enjoy over the course of Season 4, we’ll be spending a lot of time in Warzone. See you there!


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