June 13, 2024


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PS5: Highlights from Today’s Reveal Stream

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Sony finally revealed the PS5 today, as well as a large catalog of games that will be available to play on the console in the near future.

We finally got our first look at Sony’s next console today when the company hosted a digital event to show off the games and the actual PS5 hardware.

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While overall, we wouldn’t say the presentation really blew us away as we may have hoped, there were still some really great moments and things that got us excited for the upcoming console.

So let’s list off the moments that stood out to us during Sony’s event:

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales

As a huge Spider-Man fan, 2018’s Marvel’s Spider-Man was one of my favorite games of this generation. Many were certain there would be a sequel; the question was when.

Well, it looks like it’s coming much sooner than we thought, as they announced the sequel is coming this year to the new console. Given the subtitle of the game and the trailer’s focus, we can only assume the main character will be Miles Morales, who began to get his spidey powers at the end of the last game.

Demon’s Souls Remaster

Rejoice, Hidetaka Miyazaki fans! We are finally getting a remake/remaster of the first game in the Souls series: Demon’s Souls. While it was Dark Souls that launched Miyazaki and From Software’s reputation into the stratosphere, Demon’s Souls was our first experience with the punishing gameplay and combat.

While different from the games that followed it in many ways, you can still see the seeds for the series being planted, and for many players, we have wanted to see it brought back to current consoles so more people can experience it for themselves.

Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart

We knew there had to be some Playstation flagship series and characters that would help usher in this new generation, and that looks to be a new game in the Ratchet and Clank series. One thing that really stood out is just how pretty the game looked. The series has always improved with the graphical capabilities of the Sony consoles, but this one just really took our breath away with its vibrant colors and impressive scope. The PS5 is going to have some good-looking games!

Resident Evil VIII

After a couple of impressive remakes, it looks like the Resident Evil series is ready to return to continuing the main games. The vibes of the trailer very much felt like that of Resident Evil VII, which saw the series return to its survival-horror roots. This game appears to take place in a snowy, mountain village, filled with sinister and terrifying characters that only this series could have. We also glimpsed what appeared to be some kind of werewolf, which looks so awesome!

Horizon: Forbidden West

We had a feeling they would be announcing a sequel to Horizon: Zero Dawn at some point, and we’re glad that was today. The first game was a fantastic new RPG and IP that had us hooked for hours. It looks like the sequel is going to be even bigger with some truly amazing-looking environments and locations. The processing power of the PS5 looks like it will be put to good use with this one.

The PS5 Is Revealed

PS5 is revealed

While we’ve known about the specs of the ship for a long time, we never saw the actual thing until now, and it looks a lot like its controller. The console sports a sleek, white, futuristic design, that we are sure will not be everyone’s cup of tea. The biggest surprise of the console reveal was the announcement of an all-digital version without a disc drive. This, we imagine, will be the cheaper of the two options.

We still have no word on pricing and will have to wait longer for that to be announced.


Overall, not a bad event. It may not have really been a knockout, but there was enough there for us to be excited about the PS5. We also know that plenty more events and news will be happening in the coming months.

The console war is on now, and we will see what both Sony and Microsoft have up their sleeves to win gamers to their side.

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