June 13, 2024


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Destiny 2: Beyond Light Weekly Update – Big News and Big Changes

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Destiny 2 is getting some new gameplay detail thanks to the the Xbox Games Showcase!

The Line Between Light and Dark…

At the time of writing, Bungie’s TWAB has not dropped yet, so we’re gonna just move on and talk about the recent big announcements for Destiny 2: Beyond Light!

In case you didn’t know, today is the Xbox Games Showcase event. A reveal event where Microsoft is showing off all of the first party exclusives, upcoming games and big changes to the Xbox infrastructure. As well as showing off the Xbox Series X graphical capabilities and what it will be changing for the better.

One of those changes includes a renewed focus on the Xbox Game Pass. While Game Pass has had some truly great success in the past, we have a feeling that this will triple that success. All of the games shown off and announced today during the Showcase will be coming to Game Pass. That includes games like Halo Infinite, Obsidian’s new game Avowed and more!

One of those games that got shown off at the event, including some tantalizing new gameplay, was Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

The new Darkness subclasses, with the new element called Stasis, got shown off in the new trailer. And honestly, it looks like it’s gonna be making some pretty wild changes to how Destiny 2 is played. 

subclasses that force me to be more methodical and strategic

Titans are getting a much more strategic subclass than any that we’ve had before. Abilities to build walls, form shelves, grow ice off of surfaces to reach new areas etc. Offensively, it appears to be a similar tactic to Fists of Havoc. Very in your face, but with ranged capabilities as well. As a semi-Titan main, I would welcome any subclasses that force me to be more methodical and strategic. 

Hunters are getting something very different from anything that we’ve seen before. Passive class abilities seem to be the ability to build a large defensive ice wall and throw some sort of grappling hook that damages enemies. As far as the super goes, it looks somewhat similar to the Way of the Wraith. Where you can charge in with dual blades and wreak havoc on enemies in close range. But, it also looks like you can play it pretty much completely ranged as well, which is an interesting combo.

Warlocks are getting probably one of the most frustrating supers to go against in the upcoming DLC. With the ability similar to the others to trap and build ice shelves and traps, Warlocks can also freeze opponents. They can slide freeze you, melee freeze you, super freeze you and range freeze you. You better be ready for a lot of Warlock t-bagging and meme builds. 

Only downside to all of this is that it’s going to be a little while longer before you get to toy around with any of these subclasses. Destiny 2: Beyond Light was sadly delayed by two full months back to November. We don’t mind waiting a little bit longer for the DLC, but it was pretty annoying to learn about. 

What do you think of the tease for the new Stasis subclasses? Are you excited to start getting crazy with new abilities and start trying out new ways of approaching fights in Destiny 2: Beyond Light? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


For more updates and news on Destiny 2: Beyond Light, stay tuned with us right here at Scoophash!

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