June 13, 2024


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After years of waiting and many rumors, Microsoft has announced a new Fable game coming to the Xbox Series X during today’s Games Showcase.

The game is being developed by Playground Games who are known for working on the Forza Horizon series. The game is promised to be “a new beginning” for the series.

The trailer starts with a fairy flying through a forest. A narration plays over this, talking about fantastical stories and epic events, until the fairy is suddenly eaten by a frog. There, the narrator mentions not every story having a happy ending.

Fable Coming to the Xbox Series X

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Fable has not been active since the release of Fable 3 in 2010, though there have been spin-offs. There was also Fable Legends, a co-op RPG that was cancelled in 2016.

Reports that Playground Games was working on a new game in the series began in 2018. Later that year, the studio was bought by Microsoft, making the developer a first-party studio for them. Since then, rumors circulated that a second team at Playground was developing the game, which was originally developed by Lionhead Studios.

Playground is known for their development of the Forza Horizon series, an open-world take on the Forza series. The studio has been hiring for developers with experience with RPG’s, which led many to believe their next game would be a departure from the racing genre.

No official release date has been announced for the game.

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