June 14, 2024


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Playground Games has spoken about its upcoming game in the Fable series, and how it is hoping to “balance” the old and the new.

Xbox Game Studios, Matt Booty, spoke with The Guardian about the game and how Playground Games is approaching their development in the new game in the beloved series.

“With any kind of franchise like that, where you’ve had existing versions, there’s always that balance between what you’re going to bring forward, what still stands up, and what you want to add that’s new,” he said. “It’s like the challenge of making a new Star Wars movie – there’s stuff that everyone wants you to bring along, but then you’ve got a responsibility to that, to new places and I trust Playground has a good vision for that.”

When asked about why the studio decided to take on the game – which is decently different from their well-known Forza Horizon series – Booty pointed out that that series is open-world, just like Fable:

“I just look at what Playground has done with the Horizon series – that attention to detail, the ability to represent these naturalistic landscapes. They also have a real passion for the IP and a unique point of view on what’s core to Fable. Everything I’ve seen as the game progresses tells me this is going to be a very high-quality release.”

This kind of information could be related to the rumors that began circulating after the game’s announcement that it would be shifting to more of an MMO, rather than an RPG. Many sources have since refuted those rumors, but this is still the most information we’ve heard about the new game.

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We are excited to see just how Playground Games is able to bring this franchise back and also instill something new in it. We would love to see a multiplayer aspect brought into the game and bring us closer to our friends who are playing it as well.

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