June 14, 2024


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Destiny 2 Has a New Event, and Trust Us, you WANT the Reward…

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“An old friend Appears.”

Among all of the issues, delays and controversy surrounding Destiny 2’s latest season, leaks have kept the community invested. Even if some of those leaks have been just a little bit half baked.

Today is different, one of the leaks is being confirmed as true. If you go visit Ana Bray on Mars and go talk to her, you’ll see that she has a new quest available for you to do.

You’ll notice that the first quest step is sitting around 3% despite you not having done anything yet. That’s because the first step is a community challenge that requires Seraph Tower Event Completions. How many completions, I hear you ask. A lot, it’s literally millions, it will take a while.

So you might already have lost interest in what the new quest is going to give you. Hold your horses though, not only will this be a major stepping stone in the story, but the reward is exclusive. The reward for completing this mammoth of a quest is none other than the returning shotgun, Felwinter’s Lie. 

That’s right guys, the leak was true and we are once again receiving the dreaded shotgun from D1. Back in D1 Felwinter’s Lie became notoriously brutal for having the range of an auto rifle. You could legitimately map people with this shotgun because of the perk setups.

One thing is for sure, upon completion of this event, the meta inside of Crucible is gonna change again. You thought Hard Light and LoW was bad? Oh buddy you guys have seen nothing yet.

See you starside guardians! Let us know how you’re progressing with the new event if you are participating!


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