June 13, 2024


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Destiny 2 is receiving two major updates, a new legendary and a returning Exotic!

Another week, another Destiny 2 update and more exciting stuff to talk about! Let’s dive in as we explore what’s happening this week in Destiny 2, there’s a little more going on than first appears!

Bungie’s TWAB – An Old Friend Appears

So this Thursday marked yet another entry in Bungie’s TWAB. Essentially it’s one time a week where Bungie sorta mass releases new information like sandbox changes, updates, DLC etc. Basically it’s just a roundup of information that gets everyone on the same page.

This week was special in two ways: Firstly, Bungie is currently hosting a charity event, so if you can afford it, it’s going to St. Jude’s, a worthy cause. Secondly, we found out that a very good friend of ours from back in D1 is making a triumphant return.

Making a return to Destiny 2, and completing the holy trinity of handcannons.

The holy trinity of hand cannons is complete, Hawkmoon will be returning to us in Beyond Light, which is some awesome news!

For the unfamiliar, Hawkmoon was an Exotic handcannon back in D1 that was both famous and infamous all at once. With it’s Exotic perk, Holding Aces, you could get a chance to round up random damage to bullets. Yes, that extra damage was RNG based, but if you pulled it off, you could one hit any guardian in the game. Seriously, the gun was amazing, if borderline broken at the time.

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Bungie’s TWAB for Destiny 2 also listed out a few changes coming in the hotfix, which will address a few issues.

Antaeus Ward is getting it’s much discussed nerf. Basically making it much harder for super regeneration and adding a cool down to your sprint so the shield isn’t instantaneous. They also made some changes to the Black Armory Forge matchmaking system, so no more AFK farming boys.

News is Good, but What’s New in Game?

Right now is a bit of a slow week for Destiny 2. There’s no new Exotic quests or events to get on and amass power level for. There is still the Prophecy Dungeon, Trials, the Raid, Pyramid Scale event as a new Interference mission.

That’s right, we can officially confirm that the Interference missions are new entries each week. New locations in Savathun’s court, new dialogue, new opportunities. 

Truth be told, that’s really about it as far as new content goes for Destiny 2. Not to say there is absolutely none, it’s just minor compared to the initial start of the season. Just gotta hang in there and see what comes next!


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