June 14, 2024


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The Last of Us Part II Gets Review-Bombed to No One’s Surprise

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To no one's surprise, The Last of Us Part II is getting review-bombed on sites such as Metacritic, with the user reviews sitting very low.

I mean, we've covered it quite a bit...

The internet is at it again as The Last of Us Part II is getting review-bombed on Metacritic, and other sites like it.

While the game has released to wide acclaim from critics and sits at an impressive 95 on the website, the User Score is sitting at a much lower 3.4/10. Most of the complaints among the negative user reviews are focused on the game’s unnecessarily controversial storyline involving Ellie, Joel, and Abby.

The Last of Us Part II Gets Review-Bombed to No One's Surprise

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For those of you who are unaware, The Last of Us Part II experienced some major leaks a couple months ago, relating to the game’s characters and storyline. Some players saw the leaks and immediately began to publicly decry the game. This, coupled with concerns over working conditions at Naughty Dog, have created a large amount of controversy leading up to the game’s release.

Despite this, however, it has remained one of the year’s most-anticipated games and has been met with very positive reception.

Review-bombing is a common tactic used by players to express their distaste or frustration over anything from a developer’s actions or, in this case, the story of the game. It has been used as a form of protest in the past, but there are questions about whether or not it is a viable or reasonable action to take. The issue here isn’t that Naughty Dog did anything themselves, it is because of the content they are tackling in the game.

If you played the first game and its expansion, then you know that Ellie is a gay character, and topics related to this are tackled in the second game. This has been the crux of the issue and the leaks that happened gave those topics and their effect on the story without context. Many people have begun to assume that the story plays out a specific way and are trying to mirror that in these negative reviews. But the game is around 30 hours, which means there is no way these people actually know what happens in the game.

We are all for having your own opinion and if you don’t like the game, then that’s totally valid. But to diminish it before even knowing what happens just seems petty and doing a disservice to the work.

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