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Destiny 2 HUGE Update – New Exotic, New Story Details

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This weeks update for Destiny 2 is full of new content and a new exotic

This week’s update for Destiny 2 introduced some massive new changes for the game. Guardians now have multiple new things to chase, some truly awesome rewards, long sought after weapons and some big story changes!

So if you were thinking this would be just another boring week in Destiny 2, think again. Time to boot up your console of choice, select your favorite character and get grinding!

Warn the People

Earlier in August players logged in to a new quest from Zavala. We had to travel to Io, Mars, Mercury and Titan to warn the vendors there about the impending attacks from the Pyramid ships. Working in tandem with Eris and discovering more details about the Pyramids, we went from planet to planet. 

After warning all of the vendors, Zavala awarded players with the hard sought after Militia’s Birthright. A Strike exclusive grenade launcher that behaves very similarly to the Mountaintop PVP Pinnacle Weapon. And if you’ve ever tapped into the Crucible now and then, you know that Mountaintop is an absolute menace to deal with. 

It also set up the next big chapter in Destiny 2’s story that promised the big changes coming to the universe. In the face of the Content Vaulting happening later on, things were starting to get real for players

Evacuate the Planets

Now, on September 8th, we’re starting to see things get much more real for the planets and the inhabitants thereof. The next big setup of the story is here, and we have to start going through the motions to evacuate the planets. Warning Ana Bray, Asher Mir, Brother Vance and Sloane about the danger of the Pyramids.

You’ll also notice that this isn’t just another legendary quest, there’s also an  Exotic Quest tied into this update. Requiring us to go through quite a bit of legwork to attain. 

While the last quest was strictly going from planet to planet and completing a weekly bounty, this one is more in-depth. Starting with Asher Mir on Io, you have to complete a run of the Sanctum of Bones Lost Sector. Afterwards you’ll have to complete a run of the Pyramidion Strike before completing a Legendary Adventure. Asher Mir will then award you the Strike Exclusive Sniper, Silicon Neuroma. While Neuroma isn’t the greatest sniper in the game, it does have phenomenal handling and can really do some work in PVP. 

Players get the awesome Silicon Neuroma sniper rifle

Following Asher Mir, you’ll then have to go to Sloane on Titan. She’ll require you to complete a run of the Lost Sector next to her called Methane Flush. Immediately afterwards, you’ll have to go through Solarium and Festering Halls to hunt down Hive targets. Fair warning, it’s a massive Knight and a couple ogres. Not the worst thing ever but going solo they were kinda annoying to deal with. 

Once you’ve defeated those Hive you have to complete a run of Savathun’s Song. Now, here’s a bit of advice, do not select the Chasm of Screams from the director on Titan. For one thing, there is no matchmaking so you have to solo that strike, and it’s a repressed version. So there’s a lot more Screamers, tons more Wizard etc. Just not worth it, instead go do the Nightfall: Ordeal of the week, which is Savathun’s Song.

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You’re About Halfway There

Finishing up on Titan will reward players with the Duty Bound Auto Rifle. Duty Bound is actually a pretty rock solid weapon that can do some consistent work in both PvE and PvP. Definitely worth hanging onto.

Duty Bound isn’t meta, but it at least looks awesome

You’ll then be prompted to go talk to Zavala, who will award you the Mindbender’s Ambition shotgun, which is another rock solid Strike Exclusive. He’ll then tell you to go visit Brother Vance on Mercury and continue warning of the evacuation requirements.

Mindbender’s Ambition is another reward… Because Bungie loves to ruin PvP

Brother Vance has probably the easiest steps to complete. Simply complete a run through both of Mercury Strikes and then complete a legendary Adventure. Crazy easy and crazy quick. Vance will then give you the Strike Exclusive D.F.A. Handcannon.

Lastly, you’ll have to go talk to Ana Bray on Mars. Once you’ve done that, you’ll have to go investigate a signal from Rasputin back in the Mindlab. Afterwards you’ll have to defeat five bosses in Escalation Protocol. Then you’ll have to complete a legendary Adventure and Ana will give you your last Legendary weapon. The sought after rocket launcher of RNG itself, Braytech Osprey. How does it feel grinding the same strike for a year only for Bungie to just give it to you? 

Return to Zavala

Upon returning to Zavala you’ll receive some new dialogue from him that basically summarizes what the vendors said. Basically it goes like this; Ana Bray and Asher Mir will return to the tower to fight the Pyramids. Sloane has decided to fight the Pyramid shpi on Titan head on, damn the consequences. While Brother Vance refuses to believe that Osiris is not coming, and refuses to leave the Lighthouse. 

When Zavala finishes talking, you’ll receive the third and final Exotic weapon of Season of Arrivals: Traveler’s Chosen. Quite honestly, Bungie knocked it out of the park with the Exotics this season, because Chosen is yet another baller entry.

With the Exotic trait Gathering Light, you earn stacks for every enemy defeated. This can stack up to ten times and has no timer, so you can hang onto it for however long you’d like. At any time, you can consume the stacks by holding reload and it grants all of your ability energy. Not only is this going to be insanely useful, but the visual aesthetics are pretty wild as well. It’s literally a weaponized version of the Solstice Armor, and it looks pretty cool.

Are Vendors Going to Die?

So briefly we wanted to discuss the potential fallout of what the end of this Evacuation Quest could really look like. Obviously we know that these four planets are being vaulted come Beyond Light in two months, but could something bigger happen? What if Vance and Sloane are never coming back? Being replaced by other established characters or just permanently gone?

Bungie has said that Arrivals will be like nothing we’ve faced before and that future Expansions are going to be darker. Could we finally be looking at some big character deaths inside of Destiny 2? Sure, Sloane and Vance are no Cayde-6, but they’ve been here for two years. We were also told that these planets won’t be permanently gone, they’re just being shelved until further notice.

Who Would Replace Them?

This quest also comes hot on the heels of some revelations found within the new images that Bungie shared last week. Players noted how there were signs and sigils pointing to the return of Uldren, and a potential new vendor. Maybe Uldren is indeed going to be replacing one of these two characters. 

On the lore side of things, we’re not really sure how that would play out. But, there is aslo a rumor that Bungie’s original story for D1 is going to be used as the footprint for the story following Beyond Light. If that’s the case, then we do have some idea of what is going to happen in future expansions.

One thing’s for sure guys, we’re actually being surprised and put in suspense for the first time since The Taken King. We’re loving the direction that Bungie is taking the story, and the rewards from Evacuation were freaking epic!


For more updates and news on Destiny 2, stay tuned here at Geekhash!

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