June 14, 2024


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Xbox Series S Officially Announced, Priced

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After rumors have been circulating about the Xbox Series S, Microsoft has officially announced the console and how much it will cost.

The Xbox Series S is Real

After leaks about the release date for the rumored Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X release date and pricing, Microsoft has confirmed the Series S’ existence, release date, and the price of the console.

Rumors Have Been Circulating for Awhile

The original rumors – as reported by Windows Central – claimed that the Series X will cost $499, with a $35 per month Xbox All Access financing option, and the Series S would cost $299, and come with a $25 per month Xbox All Access financing option.

In terms of design, leaks seemed to show what the Series S would look like, and it looked to be more in line with the Xbox One, rather than the Series X. The biggest difference is that the Series S sports a giant cooling fan on the side of the console, as well as the seeming lack of a disc drive.

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Another leaked video showed off the Series S alongside the Series X, showing how small the console is.

Microsoft Didn’t Want The Xbox Series S Anymore

Microsoft confirmed the console’s existence today, confirming the price point for the Series S and saying it will be “the smallest Xbox ever.” It also confirms that the console will release on November 10th and that the leaked design was accurate. They revealed some specs for the console as well in a new trailer: all-digital, capable of running games at 1440p at up to 120 FPS, support for DirectX Raytracting, and 4K upscaling for games.

Now, they do not confirm anything about the rumors surrounding the Series X, but given the accuracy of the leak with the Series S, it seems likely that the pricing and release date will be as reported on earlier.

Microsoft promises that we will learn more soon, so sit tight until we have more information to give you.

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