June 16, 2024


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Destiny 2 MAJOR Reveal – Darkness Subclass, Returning Content and MUCH MORE

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The next big chapter for Destiny 2 arrives this Fall.

We Are Your… Salvation…

Destiny 2 had a significant reveal of content today, and it teased some awfully big changes. From current to upcoming content, returning locations and encounters as well as the story to come down the line. There was no shortage of things to digest from the reveal.

We actually held a Livestream with myself and co-writer Shane Black. Without further delays, let’s jump into what happened today for the future of Destiny 2.


Beyond Light – Wield The Darkness

So if you were hoping for the Pyramid story to finally come full circle, then we have a bit of bad news for you. Starting in September, the Pyramid threat is going to get much closer, but it will not be the conclusion. More on that in a minute.

Beyond Light is D2’s big Fall expansion; Europa will be the main course as far as new destinations go. We’ll be focusing on the fight against a Fallen Captain named Eremis, and her attempts to wield the Darkness. 

Sounds pretty similar to other expansions right? Well, Europa is a big place in the lore of Destiny, we’ve touched on that before in this article. There will be a lot to find, explore, uncover and reveal in terms of what is to come. But, the biggest reveal that we need to talk about in Beyond Light, is the Darkness Subclasses. 

That’s right, ya boy called it before. We are going to finally wield the Darkness and take our first steps away from the Traveler and the Vanguard. Time to nut up or shut up Guardian.

Story details are pretty light as far as Beyond Light Goes, but seeing the Exo Stranger return has us pretty hyped. Sure we thought The Darkness race was going to be front and center, but we’re fine to wait.

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Witch Queen and Lightfall – The Epic Conclusion

When will the Darkness arrive? Well we don’t have too much detail on that either, strictly due to the timeline that Bungie has provided.

Starting in Fall of 2021, we are getting an Expansion by the name of The Witch Queen. This story line will feature the looming threat of Savathun, sister of Oryx. So expect a giant raid, a big return of the Hive and setting up the Darkness some more.

Then, in 2022, we’re getting a third big expansion called Lightfall. We know nothing about it, but considering that they featured the Traveler front and center, we think we have an idea. We’re placing our bets on the theory that the Traveler will either leave or be destroyed, possibly by us. Considering that the logos for various expansions play a BIG role in what the story will be.

Ultimately this means that it will be at least two years before we see the conclusion of Destiny’s long running story. The Veil, The Darkness, The Traveler and more will take some time to get to. For us, we’re okay with this. We don’t mind a little bit of an MCU Approach to setting up this epic finale!


An Interconnected World of Technical Shortcomings

Bungie also discussed the conversation around what to expect from Destiny expansions moving forward. Or rather how they plan to keep reintroducing and creating new destinations and encounters without breaking 200GB. Well, they actually have a solid idea.

They will be introducing what they’re calling the Destiny Content Vault, or DCV for short. Software that will allow return of old content and tabling of unpopular content. Effectively, it works like this: When some content is not being played all that often and does not feature into the story, Bungie will put it into the vault. So if Titan needs to go away for a little bit, Bungie can store it.

Subsequently, they can then also take something from the vault to introduce for the story or new encounters. Their first big example of this was the return of D1’s Cosmodrome and Vault of Glass. That’s right guys, we’re finally getting that promised interconnected world that Bungie talked about!

Personal opinion, this does make a ton of sense for Destiny 2. The game was getting pretty large (not quite Modern Warfare levels) and difficult to maintain for Bungie. Especially when you look at how many technical issues that came with Season of the Worthy. Bungie has needed some kind of Software that could keep the game running for longer and longer. 

When you also consider that Bungie said they have no plans of a sequel, well this Software plan will make that a reality.

Besides, how can you NOT be excited to see D1 content returning?! Granted it won’t be all at once, but still pretty awesome to see!

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How About Season of the Arrivals? 

Might be wondering, the future is great and all, but is there any reason to log on today and play the new season? Well, of course there’s a reason, it’s setting up what’s to come in Beyond Light.

Season of the Arrivals is pretty sparse on detail, as we had no immediate reveal event for it. There was the brief trailer shown above, but outside of that we’re flying blind folks. I have not even touched it as of yet, so I’m pretty unaware.

Obviously there’s new Exotics, new armor, new activities and even a New Dungeon to prepare for. Why is it named Season of the Arrivals? Well, we kinda have no idea right now. Nine are featured into it in some way, the Dungeon is focused on them. Encounters wise, it has to do with the Pyramid ships, but we don’t know anything else. 

We’ll be playing the new season throughout the day so keep an eye out for updates on that!


In Summary

Overall, we were pretty impressed with Bungie’s reveal today. Darkness subclasses, the return of D1 content and revamped encounters has us all kinds of giddy. We understand that some people will be disappointed with the story taking two more years to unfold. Perfectly understandable if you fall into that category of people.

And we really have no idea if the current season will be any good. We’re just as in the dark as you guys are. But, we are still extremely excited to see how everything plays out over the course of the next two years!

Now, let’s go play some Season of Arrivals guys! See you there!


For more updates on Destiny 2, Bungie and video games, stay tuned here at Geekhash!

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