June 13, 2024


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UPDATE: Destiny 2’s Season of the Worthy Ends With a Thud

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Almighty or alrighty?

Earlier last week, we wrote a soft review on Season of the Worthy in anticipation of the eventual finale. Well, now the Destiny 2 finale is here, and it kinda sucked.

If you did not get a chance to watch the Live Event play out in game, here’s a video showing off the exciting bits. Admittedly, it was kinda cool to see something big happen inside of the Tower as opposed to just being told when something cool happens. 

We can all freely admit, the sight of the Almighty exploding over our heads and crashing into the mountains was pretty cool. And the resulting shockwave/structural damage to the tower was a cool little sight.

Where is this going, you might ask. Well, sure it was cool to see the Almighty explode among a crowd of Guardians in the tower. But why was it just a long ass reveal event instead of a mission, or a cutscene? Or why not a combination of both?

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Season of the Worthy Continued to Disappoint

All of this lead up, all of the teases, all of the perceived consequences amounted to nothing. No grandiose cutscene showing off our abilities and our distrust of Rasputin. Nothing from the various Vanguard members warning us of the coming threat. Ana Bray didn’t show up, she didn’t even have any new dialogue.

Zavala gave us an emblem and a short speech on how he now trusts Rasputin implicitly. I get it, there had to come a time where Zavala and Rasputin settled their differences, but this feels way too sudden. 

Granted we know more than Zavala does, we have the benefit of knowing that the Pyramid ships are close. Rasputin fears another collapse and a resulting Dark Age, a fear that Zavala shares. Although they both acknowledge it, Zavala has given us zero reason to believe that he is going to step up when he needs to.

Comes down to expectation I suppose. With all of the leading up to the event and the hope that Bungie would pull something spectacular, this fell pretty flat. Sure it’s cool to see a massive skybox change and chill with people watching an extinction event. But, when the stakes are set so low throughout the season, this did nothing to improve our mentality towards the season.

Hopefully the reveal on Tuesday and the resulting news we get from it will improve outlooks all around.


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