June 14, 2024


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Diablo Immortal Coming to PC, Releasing in June

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The long-awaited (maybe?) mobile game in the Diablo series is not going to be exclusive to mobile platforms anymore, as today we have news that Diablo Immortal will also be releasing on PC. On top of that, we also know when we can get our hands on the new game.

While the MMO was originally announced as a mobile-only game back in 2018 in a now-infamous press conference. However, in a blog post today, Blizzard Entertainment announced that the game would also see a PC port releasing at the same time as the mobile version.

The good news is that both cross-play and cross-progression will be available across the two versions, meaning you can play with anyone on either platform, as well as transfer your character and progress across the two. The PC version will see mouse and keyboard, as well as controller, support.

Blizzard, in another blog post, makes sure to specify that players need to prepare for the PC version being a little different than games they’ve played previously, given that the game was originally designed purely for mobile.

Even more, we also know that the game will be releasing on mobile and PC on June 2nd, finally giving us a definite time for when we can look forward to playing Diablo Immortal.

We also want to acknowledge, again, that Activision Blizzard is still in the middle of extensive lawsuits revolving around sexual harassment and discrimination.

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