June 16, 2024


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While we had a feeling it was coming, we were not ready for how quickly we would get an official announcement for Kingdom Hearts IV and yet, that’s exactly what we have.

Announced during the series’ 20th anniversary special, we have very little to go off of in terms of what Kingdom Hearts IV may bring us. We got one trailer, which showed us some interesting tidbits:

First off, the trailer indicates that this game will be the start of what is being referred to as “The Lost Master Saga”. Avid fans of the series can assume that this is in reference to the Master of Masters, a character who has been pulling some strings behind the scenes for a long time, and whose mysterious black box was the focal point of Maleficent’s unresolved plotline from Kingdom Hearts III. The Master of Masters was last seen standing on top of a building in a new world at the end of the third game, watching Sora below.

We also get a look at what that new world is: Quadratum, a more realistic-looking world that exists within a completely separate universe from the original games. The world was seen in the Toy Box world of Kingdom Hearts III as the setting for an in-world video game called Verum Rex. Now that ficitonal world within the series’ fictional world is going to be an actual place to visit, so we have no idea what is going on anymore. In Quadratum, we saw Sora – who is also sporting a much more realistic look – do battle with a big Heartless in the city.

Finally, we caught a glimpse of Sora’s companions Donald and Goofy, who are exploring a dark location, apparently looking for Sora. They are caught by an unseen presence, whose anger casts them into a red-orange glow, causing us to believe the off-screen character to be Hades who has been present since the beginning of the series.

And that’s about it; we have no idea when the game may be coming out but with how fast they’ve announced the game, we can only hope that it won’t be anywhere close to the 13 year development of Kingdom Hearts III.

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