June 21, 2024


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Fortnite is set to be getting an update that will bring drivable cars to the battle royale.

The Joyride Update is set to land tomorrow, Wednesday, August 5th. The Fortnite Twitter has been teasing the update recently, giving us glimpses at the types of cars we can look forward to driving when the update drops.

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So far, we have seen a sports car that looks a lot like a Hot Wheels car called “Whiplash”, as well as a bulky truck called the “Mudflap”. Reddit user, u/Jonathan287, has collected all the in-game posters on the game’s subreddit, and it shows vehicles called the “Bear” and the “Prevalent”.

Upcoming Cars posters from FortNiteBR

Atlantis was recently surfaced in the game’s map after draining during Chapter 2‘s Season 3, resulting in a new location called Coral Castle.

We also recently learned that Fortnite will be getting a new Marvel’s Avengers crossover for the game’s upcoming beta. Players who participate in the beta on Xbox One and Playstation 4 will receive a pair of Hulk Smashers to replace the game’s pick-axe. The Hulk Smashers will include a Hulkbuster variant as well.

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