June 14, 2024


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Playstation 5 Conference Could Be Coming Next Week

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Sony looks to be planning a Playstation 5 digital conference that could be held “as early as next week”, paving the way for other events to take place over the course of the next few weeks and months.

This news was reported by Bloomberg, who says people with “direct knowledge of the matter” have said the digital event could take place on June 3rd. They do, however, warn that “plans have been in flux and that the date may change”.

The event is not expected to showcase everything about the new console, with more details set to come with the subsequent events afterwards.

Playstation 5 Dev Kits Allegedly Leaked Recently

The event would be the first big information to come out about the console after Sony unveiled the DualSense controller and Epic Games showed off their new Unreal Engine 5 demo running on the Playstation 5.

Sony has been very quiet and secretive about their console, in contrast to Microsoft’s relative transparency about the Xbox Series X. They have already shown the console, controller, and a slew of third-party games coming to the next Xbox. Sony has only shown us the controller, with no images of the console or any games that will be available at launch.

This announcement follows the comments made by Sony CEO, Kenichiro Yoshida, who said the company would be announcing a “strong line-up” of games for the console.

Though there were worries that the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting lockdowns would affect the console’s release in “Holiday 2020”, Sony has affirmed that there will be no delays in their console’s launch, though there could be launch shortages as a result.

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