March 3, 2024


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Sam Witwer Teases the Unreleased Force Unleashed Sequel

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What Could Have Been

Fans of Star Wars had always hoped that there would be some sort of sequel to the Force Unleashed games. Especially with the rampant success that Star Wars has seen lately with new projects.

The Mandalorian, Jedi: Fallen Order, Clone Wars etc. Star Wars seems to have recovered from the hump of Rise of Skywalker pretty gracefully for the most part. Even though some projects, like The High Republic are being put on hold, there is some hope.

Now, Sam Witwer, known to fans for his excellent voicework in The Clone Wars, sparked a little more hope. Back in the early 2000’s, fans got to experience games called The Force Unleashed. 

These games focused on a brand new cast of characters, being led by the Jedi clone Starkiller. As you fought throughout the galaxy as this insanely strong dark force user you learn new truths about Star Wars. Including some of Star War’s most badass moments, like pulling a freaking Star Destroyer from orbit. 

Now, Witwer gave fans a little tease at what could have been, if Disney chose to continue the games. During a watch party for the anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back, he gave a lot of insight.

At the end of The Force Unleashed II he cuts off Vader’s hand and captures him. I’m not comfortable sharing everything we discussed, but the idea was, that was the biggest mistake ever, and that Vader, like he was toying with Luke, the Force Unleashed I and II games were all about Vader toying with Starkiller. And at some point, there would be a confrontation where Starkiller’s fighting Vader, and everything that worked before suddenly isn’t working now. He’s like, ‘I cut off your hand!,’ and Vader says, ‘That wasn’t my hand. I have no hand. Starkiller’s fighting and Starkiller says, ‘How are you doing this?’. Vader answers simply with whatever the first line in the original Star Wars script was, which I believe was, ‘I am Lord Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith.’ It was something along those lines, and that ends the conversation. He’s no match for this guy. There’s a little spoiler for an alternate universe.”

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Wish it Had Happened

I mean, there ya have it. Witwer gave us just a little tidbit of what it was like trying to come up with a feasible plan for the Unleashed sequel. Notably, it was probably never going to be a thing due to the difficulty of making the move to Disney.

Additionally, trying to craft a story that did not break the established canon set down in the Original Trilogy.

Sam is known for his easy going nature and fan adulation. He’s been a favorite among the fans for his work for a long time. And this kind of makes it even more obvious just how much he’s willing to talk about these things. 

We highly recommend watching the full watch party interview with Witwer and Kohli. They give some fantastic insight to the world of Star Wars and Witwer goes into a lot more detail. Including how they feel about current Star Wars and how Witwer approached playing Darth Maul.

Certainly we would have loved to have seen Witwer in a third Force Unleashed game. Which isn’t to say that it’s impossible to happen, it’s just mildly unlikely. But, there is always hope! 

What do you make of Witwer’s comments? Do you hope that someday we see a third entry in the Unleashed series? Let us know in the comments below!


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