June 16, 2024


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PS5 Pre-Orders May Be Limited

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A new look into a website source code shows the possibility that customers will only be able to pre-order one PS5 when they are available.

A recent dig into the source code for Sony’s direct.playstation.com – the retail website for the company’s hardware – found something could point to Sony limiting PS5 pre-orders to one per household.

According to Reddit user, u/Kgarvey, the code in the site reveals an error that could appear if customers tried to order more than one PS5 consoles on the website. The source code has been confirmed by other sources as well. The message that is found in the source code says: “You can only purchase one version of the PS5 Console: Disc or Digital. You have already added one PS5 console to your cart.”

You can see the message in the following source code capture from IGN:

PS5 Pre-Orders May Be Limited

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This wouldn’t be that big of a surprise since they did the same thing when the Playstation 4 went up for pre-order as well. The difference is that there will be two versions of the PS5 (disc and digital), and the restriction will apply no matter what model you choose. So for anyone who is wanting to get both versions of the console, it looks like you won’t be able to get both from the Playstation Direct store.

The source code also unearthed a new label that could be applied to PS4 games to show they are backwards compatible with the new console. This could be for more than games as well, as some theorize it could be used to show controllers that can be used for both consoles.

Perhaps Sony is planning to be the only one to sell the consoles to its consumers, but since there are already pages up on other retail sites, this is unlikely. They have also said that there would be plenty of notice before pre-orders become available for players to get ready. Hopefully this will help any confusion for anyone who is looking to secure their console.

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