June 13, 2024


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Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order Gets Surprise, Free DLC Today

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Last year's hit got a surprise, free DLC pack in honor of the "May the Fourth" celebration.

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order got a surprise today in the form of a free DLC that brings new cosmetics, a battle grid, and combat challenges to the game. The DLC was announced in a trailer released by Respawn Entertainment, in honor today’s “May the Fourth” celebration.

The combat challenges will be wave-based, arena challenges that has the player facing off various creatures and enemies found throughout the story of the game. It won’t just be the creatures either, but bounty hunters as well. They can be accessed through meditation points and take place on different planets from the story, such as Illum and Kashyyyk. Challenges can also have specific parameters like “No Healing” or “Don’t Take Damage”.

The Battle Grid system will be a way for players to create their own challenges as well, by lining up enemies on the grid for you to fight.

For the cosmetics, there is the new Inquistor Cal appearance and lightsaber color, and more.

Jedi Fallen Order was one of the surprise hits of last year, and ended up being one of our personal favorites to play. The mix Dark Souls-esque combat, and Uncharted-type exploring/platforming, created one of our favorite Star Wars experiences in recent memory.

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