June 14, 2024


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The Last of Us Part II Leaks Result of Hackers, Not Developers

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The leaks for Sony's upcoming game were the result of hackers, not a rogue developer.

Just a little over month away from the release of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part II, and the game became the newest victim to spoilers when some major plot points were leaked to the public.

When the news first came out and the spoilers began to spreading around the internet like wildfire, people believed that the leaks came from someone who had worked, or still did work, with Sony or Naughty Dog. But now we have confirmation from Sony about their search for the people behind the leaks, and it turns out, it was the result of hackers.

The hackers were able to use a patch from an older Naughty Dog game to inadvertently get access to Naughty Dog’s servers, which gave them access to videos of developers playing non-final builds.

The initial hackers were not the ones to leak the information, however, that came from them spreading the message of how to access the servers, and someone else took that and leaked the major information.

The leaks came out just after Naughty Dog announced the game’s new June 19th release date. The game had been delayed indefinitely due to the current coronavirus pandemic, with its release originally scheduled for May 29th. So the delay will only end up being a few weeks, but for fans of the game and anyone who wants to really get the full experience, the existence of the spoilers is truly unfortunate.

We hope that despite these leaks, the game can still live up to its predecessor and the hard work of every developer at Naughty Dog will be worth it for them.

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