June 16, 2024


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The spiritual successor to the original Dead Space series, The Callisto Protocol, has gotten some new gameplay footage, as well as a release date.

The news came from yesterday’s PlayStation State of Play, which showed us a wide variety of new games coming up for the console. The Callisto Protocol got its own trailer which gave us plenty of glimpses at the narrative of the game and the kind of horror we can expect.

The game’s official synopsis reads:

“Set on Jupiter’s ‘dead moon’ Callisto in 2320, The Callisto Protocol is the story of Jacob Lee, an inmate at Black Iron Prison who must fight for his life when a mysterious outbreak throws the moon into chaos. Prison guards and inmates are mutating into monstrous creatures called Biophage, and Jacob must battle to survive the horrors of Black Iron and uncover the dark secrets of the United Jupiter Company.”

As previously mentioned, the game is seen as a spiritual successor to Dead Space, as it is being developed by Glen Schofield, one of the original co-creators of the popular EA series.

The Callisto Protocol will be coming to PlayStation 4 and 5 on December 2nd, and will be making its way to the Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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