July 18, 2024


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After multiple delays and changes of directors, Tom Holland’s Uncharted movie has finally begun shooting. Holland took to social media to mark his “day one” for playing Nathan Drake.

The post Holland made on Instagram shows the back of his chair, which simply bears the name “Nate”. Holland is playing a young version of the popular, video game character.


This hints that the film is finally underway, after more than a decade of setbacks, changes, and delays, dating back to June 2009.Throughout that time, there have been many stars and directors attached to the movie.

This past March, Ruben Fleischer, the director of Venom and both Zombieland films, came on as director for the film, replacing Travis Knight, who had to bow out due to scheduling conflicts with Holland’s Spider-Man films at the time.

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Since then, the project has gained some momentum, though, working its way somewhat out of the “never going to happen” joke that it was becoming. Holland shared some pre-production teasers on his Instagram recently and tagging his co-star, Mark Wahlberg, on the posts. Wahlberg is set to play Nathan Drake’s treasure-hunting mentor/friend, Victor Sullivan.

Uncharted Movie Has Finally Started Filming

The film’s release date was recently moved up from October 8th, 2021 to July 16th, 2021, despite the setbacks and complications arising from the coronavirus pandemic.

The Uncharted series follows Nathan Drake, a treasure-hunting adventurer very similar to Indiana Jones. He is often accompanied by Victor Sullivan, with a core cast of characters helping him along the way, most notably journalist, Elena Fisher. The series is developed by Naughty Dog and has, so far, consisted of five games.

Video game movies don’t have a very good track record as it is, with very few of them really seeming to click with movie-going audiences. As fans of the game series, we really do hope that this film can find a way to break that trend. Do you think it will? Or do you think it will end up being another flop for the games-to-movies industry?

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