March 2, 2024


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Battlefront II Gets one Last Community Update – Battle for Scarif is coming this Summer

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I find your lack of content disturbing

After the news that both Battlefront and Battlefield will be ending their respective content streams, many wonder what’s next. Turns out, much like Battlefield V, we are getting one last content drop, then that’s it.

What is the last content drop going to be? Well, it is gonna be a repeat from before. It’s gonna be Scarif, the ending planet battle from Rogue One.

Not to worry, it’s not just Scarif making a return in this Community Update. We’re also getting a return of maps like Mos Eisley from the original Battlefront II, Jabba’s Palace and Hoth. Yes, a few of these exist within Battlefront II already but these are updated and different versions of the planets.

We’re also getting new skins for all character models and a few new hero skins for Darth Maul, Sidious and Rey. Oh, and we’re finally getting some classic skins for Luke and Finn.

Ultimately, Scarif Update looks to be like a good return to old form for classic Battlefront maps/content. It is unfortunate that we’re only getting this last update, after Battlefront II did so much to make a comeback.

With that being said, maybe it is for the best that Battlefront is going out on it’s own terms and on a high note. Better to end when on the top then risk losing it all and falling back to rock bottom.


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